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What is Inbound Marketing?

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A question we often hear from clients is What is Inbound Marketing ? So we felt a quick post addressing that exact question was worth putting together. In simple terms, Inbound marketing is a strategy to create brand awareness and attract new customers. Using all forms of content; website, blogs, social, newsletters SEO, events and more it draws customers to products and services with timely and relevant content. Make sure you check out our in-depth study of every element of Inbound here Inbound Marketing: Your Ultimate Guide

Inbound Marketing connects you with your customers, using valuable content and messages tailored to your ideal customers and their problems. It enables you to create one-to-one relationships that have a lasting effect on your visitors and your brand. Improving customer experience Inbound Marketing builds trust by offering customers information they value.

Why is Inbound Marketing such a pivotal approach?

The importance of Inbound Marketing becomes clear once you can identify your ideal customer and recognize their purchase behaviours. It enables you to create an automated workflow to support your customer buyer’s journey.

Inbound marketing is focused on you helping your customer make the right buying decision for them.

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Inbound Marketing enables you to guide your customers to the content and information they need at the right time.The goal of your inbound marketing campaign should be to create and nurture personalised, one-to-one relationships. Inbound Marketing means that by providing useful and insightful content. You offer the right information to the right person at the right time, via their preferred channel.

How we make buying decisions has changed forever

When you purchase a service or product on the High Street you would wander in and out of various stores looking for your perfect solution, perhaps read some material or reviews and ask people you know for recommendations. The internet, digital and social media platforms allow you to replicate that experience but in a much more targeted way online.

Imagine if this happened when you searched for something online and the internet shouts back at you, giving you a huge amount of data that is not relevant to your search. How does that make you feel as a customer? Overwhelmed?

By using an Inbound Marketing methodology you build awareness, sending the right answers to your prospective customers exactly when they need it. You can be their support and guide them through their research until they reach the point at which they are ready to make a decision and purchase.

The buyer is at the heart of everything you do


As the video above from Hubspot demonstrates, inbound enables you to put your buyer at the centre of everything you do. You act as a constant friend and expert to the consumer, giving them timely, useful and helpful information via a variety of sources. 

Building trust with your audience will establish you as a thought-leader and resource in your industry and will help turn researchers into customers later on.  Your visitors will return to your knowledge base and recommend you to others.

Getting Started With Inbound

Inbound gives you the perfect opportunity to have a conversation with potential clients who are already searching for your solutions. You will engage more effectively with your customers via email and chat.  This methodology is time and effort efficient for both you and your customer.  

By providing valuable content, continually educating and supporting the customers’ knowledge and answering their questions, you will create a long-term relationship.

Ready to start? Use our helpful guide to get tips by clicking below.

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