Sales Enablement Tactics that will Help You Achieve Higher Win Rates

Sales Enablement Tactics that will Help You Achieve Higher Win Rates
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In a bid to reduce lengthy and costly sales cycles organisations are turning to sales enablement tactics. So much so that the market is projected to be worth some $2.6 billion by 2024.

Companies are seeking to equip their sales teams so they can make meaningful connections with leads and customers, respond intelligently to their needs and usher them through the sales process.

In this post we’ll outline some key sales enablement tactics that will help your sales team win more accounts –  and establish stronger and longer relationships with customers. Make sure you check out our in-depth article on unlocking th epower of sales enablement here Sales Enablement: The Secret To Predictable Sales Revenue Growth

1. Introduce the right training tactics

Better sales training = better sales. Lack of training stands in the way of success for many companies, especially when it comes to embracing new tech or processes. 

In this digital age the role of a salesperson has changed dramatically. They not only need in-depth product knowledge – from specs to agreements – they need training in new ‘processes’.

While there are many tools available to sales to facilitate sales enablement activities they often remain unused (sometimes because sales reps think they may make life harder not easier for them). 

Sales need to learn how to use new sales enablement tools – in particular the CRM. They need to know how and when to access content to use in customer interactions. Learning sessions and documentation can help with tactical training on how to use these new tools.

You can also reinforce sales enablement tactics in the form of coaching or mentoring. This can give the sales team a better understanding of the marketing process and inform them where and how to find the right content – as well as how to leave feedback. 

An easy and effective way to introduce sales (and marketing) teams to the philosophy and strategy behind sales enablement is to complete the HubSpot Sales Enablement Course

2. Marketing need content performance insights

Marketing should be creating materials for the sales team so that reps are prepared to answer any questions which may arise during the sales process –  as well as to overcome objections. 

sales enablement tactics

Then marketing needs to be able to see how well this content is performing in practice. 

You can facilitilate this by combining sales enablement software with CRM software. Then, marketing can gain the  insights they need and discover which content is actually leading to closed sales. 

They may discover new topics to prioritise, or identify features sales have had difficulty explaining. Or maybe (as is often the case) the same types of questions are surfacing over again – and they aren’t currently being addressed in the provided collateral. 

3. Focus on sales enablement metrics that get results

Organisations can spend too much time on ‘vanity’ metrics around awareness and engagement and too little on those representing revenue. 

Sales enablement tactics should be geared around business outcomes rather than how many items teams are delivering. Dashboards should be reflecting: 

  • Content usage and quota attainment
  • Time spent selling
  • The time to revenue
  • The time needed to access content
  • Customer acquisition costs
  • Size of deals

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4. Using data properly should be a top sales enablement tactic

Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey reveals that 76% of CMO’s are using analytics to inform decisions. That said, many are still struggling to improve their data capabilities. 

Many companies gather data from Facebook Insights and Google Analytics as well as paid search. However there’s often a significant amount of data missing from the equation: Sales metrics – without this data, marketing can’t see the full picture.

It’s worth onboarding a sales enablement platform

Sales enablement tools including an integrated CRM or content management system can illustrate how effectively reps are moving prospects through the sales funnel. They can also reveal how much time they’re spending on customising content. 

A sales enablement system can record what sales people are talking about with prospects. As well as how many platforms sales and marketing are using to develop, manage and deliver that content. 

This type of information-gathering is essential so that you can create better, more relevant content. It’s crucial to develop an attribution model that tracks the entire sales cycle – from the time a potential lead makes an appearance – to every interaction that leads to a closed deal. 

Then you can see at which points leads are dropping out of the funnel, and which channels and content are the most successful. 

sales enablement tactics

5. Have a central location for content-sharing

When it comes to sales enablement tactics make it a rule to ensure that information doesn’t just flow in one direction. The sales team collects valuable information every time they talk to a customer. Marketing collects essential digital data at the start of a customer’s journey. 

All this needs to be strategically aligned so that the content that’s created benefits the entire organisation. Content needs to be readily available and updated with regular feedback. 

For the sales team to achieve its goals all members need to be aligned towards the same outcomes i.e. driving revenue. With sound sales enablement tactics in place companies can streamline and shorten sales cycles with better customer interactions based on valuable targeted content 

When done properly sales enablement can have a tangible impact on reducing the time spent selling, as well as on deal sizes and win rates. 

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