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5 Tips to Turn Your Linkedin Profile into a Lead Generation Machine [2022]

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As we all know, LinkedIn is a fantastic social media network that connects professionals around the world, whether that be in your industry or further afield. As well as connecting with others, LinkedIn is also great for finding and applying to jobs – the Quick Apply function allowing you to apply for jobs at the click of a button, so simple and so easy. However, as a marketer, there is more to LinkedIn than just a job search tool, you can also generate leads on LinkedIn.

Forget about these 3 myths

I want to start this blog post with 3 LinkedIn myths that people often believe:

  1. No regular users: people only use the platform to connect with people they know and to occasionally update their CV.
  2. LinkedIn is too small: you’re better off utilising platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to generate leads.
  3. You can only connect with people you personally know: this is absolutely not true, LinkedIn helps you grow your network.

LinkedIn is actually a thriving social network with regular users nearly 800 million, with more than 57 million business profiles from over 200 countries.


Often most people will think of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google as the most valuable lead generation tools, however, LinkedIn is actually responsible for 80% of all B2B leads!

According to B2B News Network, around half of all users are likely to purchase from a company that they engage with on LinkedIn.

But if we really think about it, these figures make sense. The average LinkedIn user specifically uses the platform for professionally geared content, scrolling through their feed to seek out information on ways to help their business growth.

So, when you share high quality content that can help others to grow their business, that content is more likely to convert on LinkedIn than with the average Instagram or Facebook user.

LinkedIn has become the leading social media platform for B2B marketers, with Twitter being a close second.

How can you generate leads on LinkedIn?

1. Strong LinkedIn presence

Make sure your executives have a strong LinkedIn presence, posting useful, helpful and relevant content that will draw customers in. Answer customer questions and pain points while doing so. Along with sharing your own content, it’s also good practice to share other relevant content that fits in with what you do. Using the platform to build both your personal brand while also connecting with other like-minded business people while adding to conversations where necessary.

2. LinkedIn business page

Create a powerful LinkedIn page for your business: having an active, central page for your business is crucial. LinkedIn users want to see that you’re active and, again, sharing relevant and useful content.

3. Advertising

Use paid media to ensure your content reaches your intended audience: this can be useful so that your content doesn’t just fall upon deaf ears, you really want it to reach out to those that you’re targeting. On LinkedIn you’re able to target your audience on a much deeper level – including geographic location, current company, past company, industry, profile language, non-profit interests and school. It really does make it that much easier to target your demographic, providing a much better opportunity for high conversion rates. Remember to:

"Identify unqualified leads quickly so you do not waste time working with people who are not a good fit and will never buy from you. This gives you more time to focus on those who want your help."

4. Align your marketing and sales teams

Ensure you have a strong sales and marketing alignment: by having a strong alignment between both sales and marketing your business is able to really focus on their growth goals, combining both together to ensure that everyone in the business is on the same page and working together to achieve those goals. Have you ever heard of "Smarketing"? These are meetings where marketing and sales teams come together and share ideas and tips so that both teams can improve their conversion rates.

smarketing meeting

5. Share different types of content

When being active on LinkedIn, it can be easy to share a lot of similar content so do be mindful to vary that up – share videos, infographics, blog posts and so on. Videos are often a great way to increase engagement with posts, so why not give it a try?


LinkedIn is one of the most overlooked tools for lead generation, so if you aren’t using the platform to generate leads, then you could be missing out on major opportunities to grow your brand and revenue. Read more about Inbound Selling here.

It’s important to remember that LinkedIn is not just the only platform you should and can use for lead generation, but certainly is one you should consider if you aren’t already.

If you want to read more, check out Neil Patel’s blog post on ‘How To Get 200 Targeted Leads Daily on LinkedIn‘.

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