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At  the very core of effective digital marketing is the segmentation of your buyers and a focus on understanding your ideal customer and their buying journey. Therefore, in this blog post we will go through the key factors that you need to examine to determine your ideal buyer persona and why this is so important.

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What is a buyer persona ?

As outlined by HubSpot, a buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. When creating your buyer persona(s), consider including customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. The more detailed you are, the better.

  • What are their goals and values ?
  • What are their challenges and pain points ?
  • What are their "trusted" sources of information ?
  • What are the possible objections that need answering for them ?
  • What is their role in the buying process ?
  • Who else could be in their sphere of influence ?
  • How do the competition engage with the buyer ?
  • What devices do they use ?
  • What is there preferred social media platform ?
  • What content does the buyer engage with ?
  • Who else has the buyers attention i.e influencers ?
  • What is their buying journey - Awareness stage, Consideration Stage and Selection Stage ?

As you can see this is the heart of an effective digital strategy which has a narrow focus on connecting and engaging with a very specific buyer and helping them along their buyers journey with valuable insight and content, a very "buyer centric" marketing plan.

Audit your own digital presence first

The digital audit we carry out on our client's existing digital presence is geared towards how effective they currently are with their website, content, social media and inbound marketing approach in attracting their target buyer persona.

"Is every touch point you have with your target persona remarkable ? Both online and offline ?"

I recommend you start by doing the same with every touch point your business has, both online and offline - ask yourself "Is it remarkable and adding value to your target persona ?"

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How to build a persona

The most common question we get is "Where do you start ?" - The simple answer is, start with what you know and the data you have, then make educated guesses for anything else initially, but allow your personas to mature over time, constantly adding data and replacing guesses with accurate insight. The key sources of persona data we would recommend are:

  1. Look at your Facebook Page "Insights" - This will give you a view on some demographic data such as age, gender and location.
  2. Existing Customers - Analyse your last 100 customers for trends and patterns. Get as much information on existing customers as you can from your CRM. What age are they, how did they originally get in touch with you, what did they buy etc or pick up the phone and speak to them or run a survey.
  3. Talk to your Sales Team - A fantastic source of information is the sales team, as they will hear the same questions daily from customers and prospective customers. Map these out into Challenges / Pain Points.

Sounds like a lot of work, is it worth it ? Can't I just market to everyone ?

We spend a lot of time on creating accurate buyer persona's in our Inbound Marketing Unlocked Workshops because this drives your website design, content strategy, social media strategy and what metrics you are measuring for success.

So yes, it is worth the effort and the more accurate these become the more you will get into the mindset of your potential buyers. Remember, that is our goal with Inbound Marketing, to attract, engage and delight more of your ideal customer to drive predictable business growth.

If you need any help planning your digital strategy or simply want to plan a free 30 Minute Discovery Call with us about your specific business growth goals and how you can achieve them through digital and social marketing, then get in touch here - Let's Talk About My Business