How to Choose the Best Sales Enablement Software for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Sales Enablement Software for Your Business
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According to Highspot, sales enablement adoption has grown 343% over the last few years. Now 62% of companies have a sales enablement program, function or person in place. Companies are using sales enablement to help them sell effectively in the digital age, supported by the right sales enablement software.

A sales enablement strategy gives a sales team streamlined access to the latest marketing materials – as and when they need them. From product specifications and demos, to one pagers and email templates, this content will enable your sales team to communicate with, and win the attention of, buyers. Make sure you check out our in-depth guide to sales enablement here Sales Enablement: The Secret To Predictable Sales Revenue Growth.

Sales enablement software

To create sales enablement content, your marketing department needs input from sales, they also require timely feedback to ensure that their content is working successfully.

For these processes to happen efficiently you need to invest in technology in the form of sales enablement software.

Sales enablement software: closing the gap between sales and marketing

With the scale of content and other resources increasing rapidly, more businesses are investing in sales enablement software. Sales enablement software gives you the ability to create, share, edit and manage materials and resources with ease, from just one place. 

A high quality sales enablement platform should bridge the gap between sales and marketing and boost collaboration . It’s an investment that should more than pay for itself in the long run by increasing sales and boosting revenues. 

If your company hasn’t yet incorporated sales enablement technology yet you could be missing out. That’s according to Forrester who believe that

“The cost of inaction is higher than the financial investment in (sales enablement) tools”.

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What makes for a great sales enablement software?

What’s right for one organisation isn’t right for another. So you’ll need to assess your unique requirements to come up with the best solution. In general however you want your sales enablement software to do the following:

  • Allow your sales teams to easily access the most effective materials for any given situation and buyer
  • Reduce friction by enabling seamless distribution and sharing of information and resources
  • Create a space where only approved materials that are ‘on brand’ and up-to-date are available
  • Automate and accelerate content lifecycle workflows – from creation to safe-keeping
  • Keep valuable content safely stored and only available to people with the right permissions
  • Allow sales to customise materials to meet the needs of specific accounts and audiences whilst keeping them ‘on brand’
  • Reduce the time spent finding things
  • Reduce incidences of duplication and workflow inefficiencies
  • Organise content efforts with insights into who is using certain sales materials and in which situations

Now we’ve discussed the features you should look for here are some concrete sales enablement software options to consider:

Sales enablement software


Hubspot’s CRM is free and is designed to give you a complete overview of your sales pipeline. It comes with various marketing tools and connects the sales and marketing teams to foster close collaboration. HubSpot Professional allows you to get deeper insights into your prospects and automate extra processes, helping you to close more deals more quickly.


This is a useful tool to help reps keep track of all their interactions with prospects throughout the sales cycle. It shows you which sales resources they are using and which are successfully closing deals. Zendesk is designed to be easy to use for busy sales reps and allows them to keep an eye on their highest value deals without worrying about the admin. 


This software integrates with all your marketing content and sales tools to make all aspects of the sales enablement process seamless. Highspot allows reps to create customised experiences for accounts so they can serve them useful information that’s relevant to their situation.

HIghspot is feature-rich, combining content management, training, guides and actionable analytics – as well as a powerful search functionality.


Outreach amalgamates marketing, sales and successful sales efforts together so sales and marketing can share insights across teams. The software is designed to help you optimise the customer sales cycle focusing on engagement and collaboration to close deals.


Seismic takes a mobile-first approach to sales enablement so that teams can deliver content on any device and create ‘on brand’ materials while out in the field. It’s used by large corporations like IBM and American Express with data and insights capabilities that help teams understand how and when content is being used. 

Sales enablement software empowers both the sales and marketing teams with the resources and tools to help them, collectively, win more business. With open lines of communication, and access to shared content these technologies can help you convert more leads into customers and brand advocates. 

Sales enablement

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