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The Ultimate Guide To The Inbound Marketing Methodology [2022]

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At Digital Media Edge we are passionate about the powers of the inbound marketing methodology. Technology is moving faster than ever and for many businesses, we understand keeping up has never been more daunting. We know, it would be wonderful to believe prospective customers will naturally fall upon our website and come knocking down our door, the truth is the world is busier than ever, our buyers have shorter attention spans than ever and are constantly being bombarded by sales messages – so how do you cut through the noise, connect and engage with your target audience in a way that will make them love you.

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Inbound Marketing is the answer. The sad fact is that traditional means of marketing are no longer working, and business is beginning to see revenue stagnate or even drop as they fail to keep up. As we’ve all experienced from a customer’s point of view, companies shouting about offers in an impersonal and intrusive way via cold calls, direct mail and other forms of hard selling are frustrating and downright annoying; we simply don’t respond to them any more.

Inbound marketing is the human, holistic and helpful way to market to and attract your buyer to your website.

The strategy before tactics approach

You’ll have heard us discuss the importance of a strategy before tactics approach here at Digital Media Edge before, a concept we pride ourselves on when it comes to delivering long term results for our clients. This strategy first approach perfectly captures the concept of inbound and is key if you want to attract customers, get leads and drive sales – spending the time implementing what needs doing and crucially, questioning why.

Because of this, you need to first look at who your target prospect actually is and what pains they face on a daily basis. If they are involved with a competitive product or service, what issues and challenges would they like to overcome?

This is where you come in, clearly determining how your business can solve said challenges and do so in a way that makes you stand out above others in your sector. Every tactical landing page, blog, email campaign and video you then produce needs to reinforce how and why you are the obvious choice above that competition and why you and can help your prospect in a way the others cannot.

Developing real relationships with prospects

Perhaps the main point of difference between inbound and the outdated outbound approach is the force with which your product or service is pushed onto the customer. Selling should not be the main reason for interaction in an inbound marketing campaign; your product or service is just one of the offers you are presenting.

If we think about this in terms of the prospect funnel above, each stage represents an emotional state through which your potential customer will pass through over their series of interactions with you. Which part of the funnel they are in at any one time will determine their needs and the content you need to make in order to help with their decision-making process, giving more value the further down the funnel and more interested they become.

Through offering free and low-cost content that will help with their identified pains and educate them on what you offer, you will draw your customer further down the funnel, positioning yourself as a voice of authority that offers valuable, remarkable content to help convert your contacts into suspects, prospects and ultimately customers. In turn this will help establish that solid relationship based on trust and authority, leading the way to a long term relationship with you and the associated loyalty and advocacy that every business craves.

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If you want a more in depth look into inbound marketing and how you can create a successful, optimised strategy for your business then consider reading our ultimate guide to inbound marketing or click below to download a free printable version.

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