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Having the ability to write copy with the power to engage, inform and influence your audience is one of the most important tools to any marketer, especially for those embracing the inbound methodology

copywriting dos and donts

Copy is writing that connects with your audience, inciting emotion and driving action, be appealing to a wide audience while also speaking directly to the reader. 

How to write effective copy:

Getting you writing right is a craft, and as with anything, it requires practice - practice makes perfect! 

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Unfortunately even the best copywriters can loose track of their goals, forget their buyer personas and even leave the occasional typo in their final draft. Thankfully this handy infographic covers all the basic do's and don'ts of successful copywriting, while this blog post delves a little deeper into some more tips to help you! 

Write with brevity:

Your copy should be to the point so try not to make things too wordy. People have short attention spans and if they're not interested, they'll just tune out. 

Sometimes your copy will require longer paragraphs, but that's okay where necessary, just don't over complicate things! 

Write with clarity:

Babbling with too many words can often make copy confusing and hard to read, make sure your writing is clear and concise, this will keep people engaged and they'll want to keep reading. 

  • Use simple words: long, complicated words on necessary, keep it brief, conversational and engaging. For example, use 'begin' instead of 'commence'.
  • Use specific words: Use 'Facebook' instead of 'social media'.
  • Use the active voice: This is easier to read than passive. 
  • Use transitions: connect sentences using phrases such as 'although', 'while', 'because', etc. 

Write with honesty: 

As with anything you do for your business, you want it to sell. This is the same for your copy - be authentic. If you're dishonest, you'll be found out, leaving customers and your audience feeling like they can't trust you. If there's no trust, they will look elsewhere for answers. 

Write with style: 

Find your own style, be conversational, be friendly, be insightful and have personality - it draws readers in. 

Boring writing will only make an audience stop reading, and look elsewhere! 

Elements to consider: 

  • Alliteration: Repetitive sounds at the beginning of adjacent words. 
  • Consonance: Repetitive sounds made by consonants. 
  • Assonance: Repetitive sounds made by vowels.
  • Anaphora: Repetition at the beginning. 
  • Epistrophe: Repetition at the end. 
  • Polyptoton: repetition of the root. 

To look into these a little deeper, click here. 


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